Aiden Sinclair

"I'm looking to be amazed, and i am amazed!"

- Howard Stern

As seen on the national hit series America's Got Talent and on Penn & Teller's Fool Us, Aiden Sinclair has been the resident illusionist of the historic Stanley Hotel since 2014!

Specializing in the performance of supernatural and paranormal illusions, Aiden uses history, and magic to bring the past to life.  His shows often use historic and haunted artifacts in their presentation to bring the audience face to face with iconic moments in time.

He has appeared on national television programs in the United States, England, Ireland, and South Africa, and is presently the Resident Apparitionist of The Stanley Hotel, The Queen Mary, and The Winchester Mystery House.

He is a magician member of the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood, California and performs regularly at historic haunted locations around the country.

In partnership with The Stanley Hotel, he has created the immersive and exclusive new magical experience of:

Aiden Sinclair's Underground!

Aiden Sinclair's Shows At The Stanley