Covid-19 Precautions and Policy

Aiden Sinclair's underground has applied for Larimer County Vaccine Verified Facility Status.

The health and safety of our guests, performers, and staff, is our highest concern and priority.


 Due to the continued spread and outbreaks of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, we have enacted the following policy in the interest of providing the safest possible environment in our facility.


    * All employees, performers, contractors, and associated staff of Aiden Sinclair’s     Underground at The Stanley Hotel are required to be fully vaccinated and submit to the company documentation as proof of policy compliance. 


    * All ticketed guests of the performances at Aiden Sinclair’s Underground must submit proof of vaccination status upon arrival at the venue. (Proof may be in the form of a valid vaccination card in either a paper or digital form.  The identity on the vaccination document must match a valid state issued identity document.​)


    * Any employee, performer, or contractor, that encounters a person diagnosed or tested positive for Covid-19 must submit a negative PCR Test prior to returning to work.


    * Appropriate face coverings are always required within the facility when not consuming beverages while seated in ticketed and assigned seats.


    * Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the theatre as vaccinations are not presently available for those under that age.

The above stated policy is in-line and consistent with all professional theater operations in the United States to safeguard employees and guests.


This policy will remain in effect until further guidance and direction is given by the CDC.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us via email at:


or via phone at:



See Current Larimer County Covid-19 Directives Here


See Colorado State Covid-19 Laws & Regulations Here